Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Twenty nine days til my sixty fourth...

April Fool's Day...but this is no joke! On the twenty ninth of this month I will be sixty four. Just like the old Beatles song. I did not think that this could ever  happen to me. But here I am. I will post every day this month. Twenty nine pictures. Twenty nine posts.

I like to read the answers to the questions the writers who contribute to O magazine answer every month. My answers to the April 2015 questions.
1. When I need a change of scenery I...
     Go out my front door and sit on my old front porch. Bikers, walkers and kids playing.
2. The change maker I most admire is...
     Elizabeth Cady Stanton. A leader of the suffrage movement. Her sacrifices paved the way for   women's rights. I am humbled by her willingness to give up her own comfort to make a difference.
3. I would love to change...
    My exercise habit. Or non habit. I just can't make myself  a regular at the gym.
4. But I'll never change...
     My family. They are the joy of my life. The grands make life youthful and new all over again.


  1. Yikes, I guess that means I will be 63 this year! Stop that sister! What are you doing for your 64th birthday?

  2. We just bought tickets to Vero Beach to visit the Oswalds. Iris has the lead in The Music Man. Ivy and Lila also have parts in the play. Great birthday present!