Monday, April 20, 2015

The bucket list...

Pic# 20-Early picture of the grands in Isabella on July 4th.

I need to make a bucket list I've been told. I am nearly 64, after all. I am fortunate in that my life is living
my bucket list. I remember being nine years old and wanting to grow up to be an old
lady. Well I can cross that off my list. Here I am! 

OK, a list. Here goes. Dream bucket.
1. Take a photography class.
2. Take a creative writing class. 
3. Spend a weekend at a writer's colony with talented writers.
4. European cruise.
5. A guided tour of every place Dan Brown took Robert Langdon in his DaVinci Code books.
6. Vancouver, B.C. Salt Spring Island. Sleep in a barn, spend time with family.
7. Spend two or three winter months in Florida and Texas in my camper.
8. Explore Scotland. This list item has nothing to do with Outlander.
9. Get the perfect  hair cut.
10. See my sister's house in Idaho. I have never been to her home. 

I stayed up until 1:40 a.m. reading Paper Towns by John Green. I cannot do that any more.
I am tired. The YA which I technically am too old to read, was good. I know Mr. Green's writing is a little formulaic. But I still love his insight and his 
smarts. I also loved that my granddaughter read it with me and was so involved in the story. I need to share something with my Tweens. 

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