Friday, November 13, 2015

Bookish habits...

Diane at Bibliophile by the sea posted her bookish habits. Fun. I love a good list.

My Bookish Habits.
1. I read two or three books at a time. One upstairs, one down stairs, one on my phone.
2. I like an audio book going while doing house work, walking or when my eyes are tired.
3. I read on my paper white, hard copy, or Kindle app on my phone.
4. I buy few books, but the ones I do are special. I bought The All Souls Trilogy just so I can hold them. Outlander and photography books.
5. The Overdrive app is my best friend. Local library books on my phone.
6. I wear my boiled wool slippers, my outlander cowl, a cozy knit sweater to read in.
7. I read on my couch, in bed, my hammock or on the porch wicker setee when it's warm enough.
8. I read to help me through hard times, I read if I can't sleep, I read for entertainment.
9. I love some of my book people, some I don't.
10. I drink home brewed yogi tea (kundalini recipe) when I read or coffee with a little cream, honey and cinnamon.
11. One more thing, I panic if I don't have at least three books chosen ahead of time.
12. I wish I were in a book club locally but no one I do belong to a long distance club online with these people...