Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First Chapter, First Paragraph Intro...

Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward
The First Day: Birth in a Bare Bulb Place

China's turned on herself. If I didn't know, I would think she was trying to eat her paws. I would think that she was crazy. Which she is, in a way. Won't let nobody touch her but Skeet. When she was a big-headed pit bull puppy, she stole all the shoes in the house, all our black tennis shoes Mama bought because they hide dirt and hold up until they're beaten soft. Only Mama's forgotten sandals, thin-heeled and tinted pink with so much red mud seeped into them, looked different. China hid them all under furniture, behind the toilet, stacked them in piles and slept on them. When the dog was old enough to run and trip down the steps on her own, she took the shoes outside, put them in shallow ditches under the house. She'd stand rigid as a pine when we tried to take them away from her. Now China is giving like she once took away, bestowing where she once stole. She is birthing puppies.

Would you read this? I am but I am afraid of where this story is going.

Tired on the porch...

I am so tired I cannot think of a response to the One Minute Writer prompt. Who would you have been in a past life? Huh? My eyes will not read a word of my current book, Salvage the Bones. I do not want to play Temple Run 2. My eyes hurt from tears I shed watching the Canadian mogul gold medalist, Alex Bilodeau, embrace his brother, Frederic, until he pulled him over the barricade. Fredric has cerebral palsy and made a joyful noise. I subbed today in pre-primary impaired. I am usually quite objective at work. Some days hurt my heart...and it was -19 this morning.