Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bye, bye, love...

So long happiness...They are moved to Florida. My daughter and her family left snow country or God's country, whatever it is to you or to me. I will visit of course. People tell me, " Now you have a new place to travel to." But it is not the same as having them in my daily life. I think of the time I will miss with the baby...

Reading The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. Very good. Listening to An Echo in the Bone. Starting An Abundance of Katherines.

Really enjoyed This is Where I Leave You, the movie.

Bye, bye my loves,  good bye...I think I'm gonna cry.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Some things you should know about the porch person...

I have picked so many berries this summer. I cannot stop. The bad thing is what I do with them. Muffins, pies, buckles and crisps...

Then there is the new I-Pad Air. I have charging stations in every room, including the porch. I have a Droid, a laptop, a Paper White and now the Air. I have a Kindle app, an Audible app and Overdrive media console on each one. I have The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness, audio and hard copy. I listen to the Outlander series while I do a poor job of cleaning and gardening and walking. Outlander is now on Starz...

I have a headlamp available at my bedside just in case I need to read after dark.

Camera equipment, especially lenses, makes me smile.

I  am concerned that my electronic vices, not devices, could be taking over...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cray-cray on the porch...

Summer, so far, has been crazy busy. The Texans were here for almost a month. Mackinac Island, Run or Dye and the Fourth of July. I finished that 5k...not last.
I have been reading. I even watched a few movies, Gravity and Dallas Buyer's Club, thanks Jeanne and Milo. My home has been painted and most of our roof replaced because of wind damage. My daughter and her kids crashed the backyard adding veggies and perennials and cleaning up overgrown lilacs. Spent a week in Isabella just in time for hay baling behind our camp. I love that field and the big round bales. The view.
Looking forward to my niece's grad party downstate. Will be seeing my far flung family.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My favorite apps...

10. Wells Fargo-last but it pays the bills.
9. Dictionary-M points and word of the
8. Temple Run 2-for those moments of
7. Camera-photo documentation mostly
     grand pics.
6. Audible-my addiction. I always have a
     listen available.
5. Blogger-On the go ruminater.
4. Evernote-my memory keeper.
3. Kindle-my e-reader.
2. Goodreads-keeps track of what I have
     read with star ratings and two
     sentence reviews.
1. Overdrive Media console-access to
      library and audio books. Free.

There are a few more but these are the best. They make my life easier...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another birthday on my old porch...

I woke up this morning of my 63rd birthday to huge snowflakes. I thought sixty would kill me but it did not. Somehow it is three years hence.
All children and grandchildren called, gifted or decorated. Brother Joe and niece Sarah sang. Sister Marci, friend Dani and cousin Jeanne called. Facebook posts. Cards. My dear husband made the trek to MQT in the snow. I am so fortunate. My family is so dear. At the end of the day though I am still 63...
I am listening to The Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabalden and looking for my next good read. I saw a movie with Cammy and Joanie this week, The Other Women. So funny! I mean so very funny!
Last night's Lake Superior sunset was beautiful. Shades of pink and blue.

Life is Sweet. (Martha Nedeau)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nightwoods and The Other Woman...

I finished Charles Frazier's Nightwoods. The story was grim at times but the writing was excellent. I am amazed by his use of the English language. We all have access to these words but this guy can really put them together. 5 stars!
I went to the movie The Other Woman with Cammy, Joanie and Holly. It was fluffy but funny. I laughed so  much.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

World Book Night...

Spreading the love of reading from person to person. And celebrate Wm Shakespeare's 450th birthday!

 I was accepted as a "giver" for April 23, 2014. I chose The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown. I read it and loved it. West Highland Apartments, a senior housing facility in Escanaba, MI, is my choice of venue. I baked muffins with home made apple sauce and cream cheese glaze to bring with the free books. (If you bake they will come). I am also returning in one month to host a book discussion then they will pass the book on to another resident. I am having fun with this campaign to promote the love of reading. 25,000 volunteers in 6000 communities across the U.S. are participating. Tomorrow I will post pictures.