Friday, May 20, 2016

Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 208, Louise Erdrich

Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 208, Louise Erdrich

Wonderful interview with author of The Round House. This book literally knocked my socks off! The writing is so human. Of course my heart now aches. I want to read all of her work.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I will survive...

                                                     Picture 13, Giraffe, Melbourne Zoo

My friends and family came through for me. Roses and orchids, candy and THE camera. Cards, calls and a facial. My sister-in-law was nice enough to turn 65 two days after I did. So, it begins, year 65.

Peace Out, from Oprah magazine February 2016-
The last time I asked for help the grocery store. I needed the last organic Sweet Creamer on the top shelf. I saw a woman ask a tall man to get her something off a top shelf. He saw me trying to reach my item. I said, "Help." He smiled and reached.

I could really use a break from...decluttering my house. I am not good at this. It causes me much anxiety. I keep packing stuff up to give away then returning it to the pile.

When I think of a calming place, I picture...Isabella. Our family camp, the hayfield behind the house there, the hammock, the birds...

My form of therapy is...reading a good book. I am transported. I have learned from the authors words to cherish the people in my life, to slow down and appreciate the present.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Today is my birthday...

                                                        Picture 12, two versions of 65
So this is 65. I have not been looking forward to this landmark birthday but I had quite a day. My hubby made breakfast and decorated my breakfast nook with roses and streamers. And yes, I live in a house that is so old that it has a nook. My gift from him was the Canon 7d Markii. Very cool. I love it! My girls sent flowers and chocolate and Face Time. Medicare is in force. Tonight we went for a Friday night Fish Fry with Joanie, Joyce, Belinda, Jack, Pat and Dani Ivan and I. Perch and sweet potato fries.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I can't keep calm and carry on, it is my birthday week...

Picture 11-Flamingo, Melbourne Zoo

Once again, I will post my 11th photo, should be my 27th photo, as soon as I can. I am so far behind on my 30 pics in 30 days. My age, maybe.

I finished watching the third season of Sherlock tonight. Season four won't be out until January 2017.
Really great show.  I listened to The Lake House for many hours today while I did some perfunctory house cleaning. The only kind of H.W. I do any more. So English. The narrator is so good. I am neglecting The Nightingale. If it expires (library) I won't be able to check it out again for a while.

This week is going by way to fast. Friday is the dark day. A great cupcake could redeem the day. Maybe. I am missing my kids and their kids so much.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Reflections of the way life used to be...

Picture #10 The envelope, please!

I have to use another device to actually post a picture (added pics on laptop this a.m.). I just can't get it to happen with my new iPhone. That is another whole post. An iPhone is not the same as a Droid. Siri is not as nice as the Google girl. A little snippy if you ask me. My photos transferred in a disorganized fashion. I am working on changing my paradigm. More challenges ahead. My 65th birthday present is a Canon 7d Mark II, I am so excited! I have made no secret of the fact that I love camera equipment. All my current lenses are compatible but I also want another lens. A 17-55 or an 18-135 or a 40mm...I want all of them. My goal for year 65 is to master this new camera. I hope my 7d operates a little like my rebel t2i. OK, a lot like my old camera. I am not as quick a study as I once was.

I just started listening to The Lake House by Kate Morton. I have not read any of her books so I am hoping it is a good read. I also just today started a Kristen Hannah book, The Nightingale. I don't read her because I don't read so called "chic lit" but this book has such good reviews. I really try not to be a book snob. Read what you like, I say. But I do not read authors that can punch out a book a month or formulaic writers whose every book is the same except for a name change. I like Pulitzer Prize lists and am partial to Man Booker long and shortlisted books, National Book Awards and Kirkus Stars. I  I like audio books but am very particular about my narrators. A poor reader can ruin a good book. On the other hand I have listened to a bad book just because of the charm of the narrator. I research every book I choose to read very carefully. So many books, so little time. Is this an age thing, I wonder? There, all my bookish secrets are out.

Outlander was good last night. Not my favorite episode, though. Jamie was a little self centered. But I know that from the books. He is a product of his time. Murtaugh's dalliance with the maid was more graphic on TV than it was on the page.

OMG!!! 65 is crowding me. It is really giving me pause. There are places I have not traveled...will I ever go? There are words I have not written. There are photos not taken. Time not spent with my favorite people...they are south and I am north.

         My great niece, Miss Teen Upper Peninsula 2015 saying goodbye to her year with a tiara!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Do I detect Spring on the porch...

Picture Day 9 I found this moth, Luna, I think, on the dew wet grass Easter Sunday morning. Sunrise service. I felt so bad that the wings were so wet the moth could not fly. I looked this beautiful creature up in a book. This moth's entire lifespan is only 24 hours from chrysalis to death...

M Train is so moving. Patti Smith is just a little older than I am. She devoted her life to her art. Music, poetry and photography. She sang with Bob Dylan. I am adding her to my list of people I would like to have lunch with...

Monday, April 18, 2016

Poor, Lonesome Me-e...

Picture Day 8 This is one of my favorite pics of the year. We waited for the kids to get off the bus after school in Florida. Papa would be outside working on his truck. Azalea sat on the tailgate to share anything she had left in her lunch bucket with Papa. When he asked her if she wanted to go inside she said, "Why don't we just sit here and enjoy the weather."

This is also why I am so lonesome on my porch. Looking back over all my pictures from the last couple of months has really made me miss being with the girls and their families.

I am on a reading drought. Not finishing M Train. It is going to expire on the library app...
I have been watching Sherlock on Netflix. So good. I don't like the narrator of The Beast so it is ruining the book for me. He is so monotone. I have only read J.R. Ward and had fun with these "guilty pleasure" reads so very disappointed with the audio book. Some readers are so amazing and then there are the readers who don't have the voice of the story.

Oh, God!!! This month is flying by. I will turn 65 soon. It feels like sliding down the park hill. No stopping on this slippery slope.