Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Seven days out...

Should be back on my porch in seven days. I will be happy to be home in da U.P.
Texas and Florida family visits have been so good for my lonely heart. Football games including Flag football with Kendall being one of only two girls in the league. Her coach and team mates call her Sister!  Fall festival in Florida at Haven's beachy school. Soccer and a dance on Thursday. The very most special moments for me are the times I sit with individual grands and they tell me about friends, school and current music they love.
On October 28 a phone call plunged us,  like a Lake Superior jump, into mortality and all its ramifications. Ivan's dear friend, Pat, died while driving to his grandson's football game. No warning, no goodbye. At least 60 years of constant friendship. They spoke on the phone every day. Pat sat with Ivan the entire night Len, his brother died of ALS. He was Ivan's rock during the most difficult times of his life. They went to hundreds of high school basketball and Football games. Godfather to our youngest daughter along with his wife. Truly friend family. RIP, Pat.
We flew home for a week to be with his friends and family.

Reading with the tweens. Animal Farm, The Outsiders, they are all so passionate about this book.
Not My Father's Son by Alan Cumming, A Visit From the Goon Squad. Very good! I bought Gatsby, The Things They Carried, Vinegar Girl and a few more books at The Melbourne Beach Library fundraiser.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Preparing to leave this old porch for a while...

Listening  to  Barksins is so over-viewing history. Very interesting but not intimate as in Shipping News.
Reading Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. The writing is educating me into a different view of black in America. I am gobsmacked by the idea that peaceful passivity is another form of slavery.
I saw the movie The Fundamentals of Caring. I do not cry much over fictional characters. This movie made me cry so hard and ugly. Paul Rudd, Selena Gomez and Craig Roberts.
Miss my family. Heart actually hurts, here.

Quote I came across by Agatha Christie whom I have never been interested in reading but might just try. 
I like living. I have been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.
I think this quite sums up how I feel about life!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Peninsula Point Lighthouse...

I saw Herman's Hermits at the U.P. State Fair last night. Lost in the 60's. Peter Noone at 68 has not changed a bit! I knew every word to his songs.I do not know any words to current songs played on the radio, though.That must mean something, huh?
Finished Moby Dick or The Whale by Herman Melville all 1946 pages. I enjoyed it so much. Whaling is quite gory and the life of the sailors so difficult. Melville's language is so mesmerizing. I appreciate it much more as I have aged.  I started Barkskins by Annie Proulx. I feel like I am reading the lives of Ivan's (hubby) ancestors. U.P. loggers.

I went to a gig at the library where eighteen area authors showcased their books. I bought the play Willpower. Iris played the lead part the first time the play was presented in Marquette.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Just finished Whiskey Tango Foxtrot with Tina Fey and Martin Freeman. It was disturbing, seeing how difficult survival can be in a war torn country. I felt afraid but Fey brought humor to this war reporters adrenaline junkie adventure. I am a fan of Fey anyway. She is fearless and funny. So I give WTF, yeah, I got that, 4 stars.

Alone again, naturally, on the porch...

Today was my husband's sixty-eighth birthday. I gave him a wooden painted sign that said You are my Bucket List. I saw it in a store and remember thinking, I wish someone would want to buy it for me. Then a light bulb went on above my head! He is my bucket list. Really. We are such a good pair. We traveled for years in a hurry because of the restrictions of our jobs. I would say I want to go there someday when we have time as we sped by, for example, The Fish House, a floating restaurant on the White River. Last trip he remembered every place I had mentioned and we stopped at each place.

My niece in Grand Ledge hosted the Aman family camp out this year at her beautiful home. Water balloon fights, campfires, good food, golf cart rides, Scottish cows and family. We also camped at Wabasis Lake in Greenville in our campers. It was so much fun to spend time with my siblings and their kids and grandkids! I so enjoyed the twenty somethings who kept us all up around the campfire til two a.m. My hubby's Kalamazoo family arrived at our camp in Isabella just hours after we got back to da U.P. More fun and we met the new baby, Lucia. ZZZZZZ

I am listening to Billy Lynn's Long Half Time Walk by Ben Fountain. Very well written but it is a difficult read. The war in Iraq from the point of view of the soldier on the ground home on PR mission.
Reading Barbarian Days A Surfing Life by William Finnegan. The author's Dad grew up on my street in my small town! Fascinating life this man is living.
 I read Little Moon Dog to my great niece Emma. It is a  book I read to any child who  stays in the camper.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Up the Fourth of July creek without a paddle...

Half of the grands made it up from Florida and Texas this summer. One family is moving to a new home so could not make the trip.  I had to say good bye again today.
We spent a few hours every day at the beach. There were parades and backyard barbecues. Paddle boarding and the card game of Golf! Fireworks and friends. The grands are growing up so quickly. The 12 going on 13 year olds have changed so much. They are tall and tan and losing the baby look. One of them is in Nepal for the month. 

I started listening to Moby-Dick. It is part of The Big Read grant program. Tilda Swinton read the first chapter. Each of the following chapters are read by different people. I am finding it to be an amazing book. I recommend it highly!
Still working on Mosquitoland. Very good. Watched the last Outlander of the season. Roger and Brianna were introduced. Roger is exactly as I pictured him. Brianna is difficult. I would have thought Claire would do better raising her girl...they could not be close. She, of all people, should know you cannot get back the time you don't cherish with your child. That said, I liked this episode the best of the entire season. Make love, not war...