Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Porch is cleaned and painted...

I must be getting old. I cleaned and painted my old front porch this week. I can barely move. I am getting ready for all ten grands and my three daughters summer visit. I have been missing them so much.  My heart hurts. None of us are great communicators. Only a few texts, random phone calls, maybe one card. Ugh! I planned on writing letters this year. 0. Poor communication skills.
Besides cleaning house, painting kitchen cupboards and Pinteresting the heck out of same kitchen I have been reading.
I am taking part in two challenges. Pop Sugar and Read Harder. I have read some amazing books but I am struggling with a few categories. A book about tech. An espionage thriller. I don't really want to read...

I read Today Will Be Different by Maria Semple. I felt like I was reading about myself. This girl could not get it together. Ever. Me. Good read. I finished Jonathan Tropper's One Last Thing Before I Go. I liked This is How You Leave Me. This book seems like he was trying to achieve another hit but missed by a smidge. OK read.
Shotgun Lovesongs, The Nest, LaRose, these were the amazing reads.