Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Snow falling on porch...

Literature is the most agreeable way to ignore life.--Fernando Pessoa. My new favorite quote.

Dear friends of mine are going through life altering health issues. My advice, on how do you handle the anxiety and stress, is always, books on tape. Walking and listening. Waiting and listening. It really helps a person stop thinking herself crazy.

Pic#22-Snow on my patio table. Brrrr. I am barefoot, freezing but I took tho photo. Missed yesterday's post. I am not a very disciplined person...

I finished The Shadows last night. A BDB book by J.R. Ward. 625 pages of reality TV (if you happen to be a vampire) in book form.
I bought the Maze Runner Trilogy to read with my two oldest floware girls. Long distance book club.

Pic# 21-If I would not have been so lazy yesterday!


  1. It snowed in Clarkston today also. Umm it is the end of April! Crazy!

    1. I just want to walk barefoot and be able to feel my feet!

  2. Snow? Seriously??? I thought that only happened in New Hampshire! I have the tiniest bit left in my yard. I am sooo over this winter!