Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On my porch...

Spring seems to have sprung here in the Upper Penninsula. Seems being the operative word. It was 25 degrees this a.m. But it is, according to the TV 6 news, going to be 60 and sunny today. That makes me happy. I missed my #14 post, I can't get that day back. I subbed in pre primary impaired yesterday. Amazing children. Sat on Cammy's porch for a couple of hours in the sun. I am going to miss her company when the family moves to Florida in August. I love talking with her young friends.
My three daughters will all be below the Mason Dixon Line...

Questions today from Good Houskeeping mag November 2014 At My House

Signature Dish-My from scratch marinara sauce with red wine and rosemary.
Worst thing I ate this week-M&M chocolate eggs left over from Easter
Favorite junk food-Chunky Monkey B&J's ice cream, the whole pint.
Favorite board game-Hands down, Sorry, with the grands. It becomes a full contact sport!
Household chore I enjoy-Ironing. Really, I iron all my clothes. I listen to a book. Soothing.
My secret cleaning weapons-IKEA large wool fluffy duster. I run around fluff-dust everything.

Six more tomorrow!   My son-in-law sent me this pic#15!