Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Back on the porch...from points south...

I'm back! Just spent time in Texas with our southern grands. We played Green Bay  Packer-opoly with great hilarity. There was a toy store in Branson, MO that had a whole wall of different Monopoly games.   An  example, Iowa-opoly. So much fun. I try to visit toy stores in every town we visit. The Meremac caves were amazing. Caddo Lake, the only natural lake in Texas was full of trees with roots exposed. There is now a pair of new glasses at the bottom of this lake. Papa's fooling around with Clay caused this expensive stunt.
Travel to Dauphin Island and Gulf Shores ALA, gave me a new lease on life. I ate the best seafood I've ever enjoyed.

I read my Read Like Crazy Book Club books at my leisure. Walked on the beach every day. Somehow I need to adjust to the ice and snow back home in Esky. I do not want to go outside!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snowed in...

I  joined The Read Like Crazy book club on author Cathy Lamb's Facebook page. Fun. Fast and I am getting new ideas for books to read. This week's book, The Hypnotist's Love Story. First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intro

I had never been hypnotized before. I didn't really believe in it, to be honest. My plan was to lie there and pretend it was working, and try not to laugh. "Most people are surprised by how much they enjoy enjoy it,"said the hypnotist. She was all softness and soap; no makeup or jewelry. Her skin had a polished, translucent look, as if she only ever bathed in mountain streams. She smelled like one of those overpriced crafty shops you find in country towns: sandalwood and lavender.

Would you read this?

Oh, yeah. more snow, bitter cold.We were leaving for Texas today but roads are too bad...

                                                                 My "Love your Selfie"