Friday, April 3, 2015

Isn't It Amazing...

I love this picture (#3) of three of my grands waiting in line for Space Mountain at Disney World. I stood in long lines with the kids waiting to get on rides. It was half the fun. Watching them in line was like a pile of puppies falling all over each other. Laughing, hugging, pushing, teasing, calling Papa Harry Porter cracked them up and the anticipation of fear! Some of my favorite moments of our family trip.

Questions from O, August 2013. I saved this page.

1. The best surprise I ever had...was my surprise sixtieth birthday party. I had no idea.
2. I wish I had invented...that soccer ball that generates and stores energy by being kicked in play.
3. The most awe-inspiring place I've visited is...a Lake Superior sunset. The entire lake was pink and
     gold. Breathtakingly beautiful.
4. When I'm really excited, I...prepare! I get ready. Say, I'm going on a trip. I have been known to pack a month early!

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