Sunday, March 21, 2010

I was prompted to write...

The prompt was age. I am 58 years old, I'll be 59 next month. I feel 35 tops 40 years old. It is only when I see a new photo of myself or catch a glimpse of myself in a window or mirror that I realize I have aged. I feel so good physically but it is more than that...I feel good emotionally. My children are grown and have made good lives for themselves. I have the time to put myself first, to do the things I love to do, photography, reading, sewing and sitting on my porch. My grandchildren have given me the chance to experience birth, babies nd children all over again. I loved raising my girls but I was so busy making a life and worrying about properly developing character in my girls that I felt like my life went by in a blink. This time I savor every moment spent with my sweet babies. It feels so good to just enjoy each moment. Aging hs been good for me.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Creative juices...

I am an amateur photog...I love it. I used to draw with pencil and chalk it was so time consuming. I like my almost instant results with my Canon dslr. I have lots of learning to do, practice, but every once in a while I take a picture I am proud of. That's a good day for me. Today I packed Easter baskets for the grands and a bathtub for the new baby with handmade blankets and a dress my daughter wore when she was a new baby in 1976.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Coooold on the porch...

I can't even go out there. The weather turned...after two weeks of unseasonably warm weather in da U.P. today I had to put on a turtleneck and sweater just to stay warm in my house!! Back to reality. Last year we came home from Texas to 6 ft of snow. There is very little left on the ground this year. I should not complain because like I always say "Every day without a blizzard is a day without a blizzard."
I miss the new baby, I haven't seen her for a week. I sewed her a flannel blanket and crocheted pink edging around it, very pink. The other things I made before her birth were tan & green.
I am thankful for my few good friends.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

company for supper....

My husband's sister and her seriously significant other and my niece came for supper tonight. I really love making food for friends and family. Homeade chicken noodle soup right from the carcass of a roaster was so delicious. I always set a formal table for supper, it reminds me of my mother, gone these many years.
I was 16. That is a story for another day on the porch..a long day. I finished a baby afhgan for my new grandaughter tonight. It is in a complicated fisherman pattern. I felt like I was doing a 1000 piece Hmm, today I am thankful for my Texas daughter who called today just to talk. I love that.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Sunny clear & cold on the porch...

Oh, that baby's face...she smells so good, she is so brand new. I on the other hand am not so new. Things hurt that I did not even know could and for no good reason. I am no marathon woman. Who knew crocheting could give a girl sore shoulders and elbows. UGGGH But I am thankful for my old Mexican cat. He follows me everywhere. He waits for me, even if I stay up all night. My daughter spent a semester at Universite de la Guadalajara in Mexico and brought this stray cat home with her!!! When he is a bad gato I say "You could have been a taco..." Cat' name, Gatito. I love him.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm on the porch...

Today I am just catching up after a week away from my porch. I want to tell you some of the things I love...Pictures I have taken of my new granddaughter Good morning coffee (reason to get up) New baby smell (Just experienced) Really good books (I'm reading The Help, sooo good) My bed pillows ($100 down) Antique fireside rocking chairs (no arms so needlework was easy). I want to add more things I love and am thankful for on my porch.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New baby keeps me away from my porch...

My daughter gave birth to her third daughter on March 10, 2010. I had the privilege of being with her at the birth. I cut the cord! The birth was so natural and happy. No bright lights or sterile drapes...she made it so relaxed and stayed cool and collected. My 10th grandchild is a beautful little miracle. So there are perks to this aging thing!! Grandchildren are so wonderful. I took care of the other four kids for the rest of the week. Wow, being a Granny is much easier than being a Mom. The love I get from these kids is just what I need. Funny things they say crack me up,like "Will the baby be brown or white?" "or swirl, like an ice cream cone?" When all four were sitting on the couch the four year old said "Look, a pattern, brown, white, brown, white." (Two of the kids are from Haiti) Welcome to the world, baby girl!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm on the porch...

I keep reading about decluttering your space. I got a good start today. There are so many places in this old house to stuff things. Under eaves, behind staircases, behind the closet in the bathroom, stuffed. I tackled a closet today that has not been touched in at least 20 years. I found things I had forgotten I ever had. My oldest daughter's baby clothes and H.S. prom dresses...she is 40. I'm sending them to her to stuff into her closets! So much junk,too. I sorted and tossed old bills, greeting cards and letters. Do people still write letters? Some things brought back memories of days long gone. My baby curls, my 1st Communion veil and my H.S. art work. I am so tired, decluttering is a lot of work.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I am on the porch...

My husband said to me, "When you turn 60 this year..." I did a double take, "No not this year, next year!!" My blood ran cold, really, how did I get this old?? I don't feel wise or mature. I do feel dismissed by society at large even though I feel vital and as if I am relevant still. I don't look my age until I see myself in the mirror, then I see my age. I don't want this to get away from me, this time of my life. I am going to document for myself this new place in my life. I read somewhere, use product to erase aging, cosmetic surgery etc. try anything to stop the process...You are still 60...Hmmmm