Tuesday, June 14, 2016

That face...

Her face!! I miss it so much! Her smile!

Today is my 47th wedding anniversary. How did the years go by? It is like wind blowing away the memories of my crazy life. I have pics to post but my I pad and phone do not cooperate. So later. 
Ivan gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We went to MQT for dinner at Red Lobster. Very yummy. We both can hardly get our minds around the years. I posted two wedding pics on Facebook. Some of the comments just amaze me! 
We were so young. 21 and 18. I did not feel young though. My mother had been gone since I was 16. Her death took away any vestiges of childhood left to me after dealing with her illness. 
Looking back our married life wasn't perfect. It is hard work living with and making a life with another person. But I must say we both are such positive people. My hubby is such a loving, funny, teasing, giving man. He is so sentimental. We both love our children and grandchildren so much. Our 47 years have been full of joy. We have fun. He is a good friend. I want many more years...

Sunday, June 5, 2016

All's well on the porch...

Inspired by O magazine's contributors questions. I love these creative minds.

I feel my best when...I walk the Atlantic Ocean beaches with Izzy the dog and various grands. I walked for thirty days in a row during February this year. I have the sea shells to prove it. I know, I know, two days were in January!

The strangest thing I've done in the name of wellness...Wii FitMarching Band. It is so hard! Marching and arm movements to Jon Philip Sousa, oh my. (I love it)

My favorite healthy snack...Gala apple slices and unsalted peanuts taste like a caramel apples. I also love homemade kale chips and...

The one unhealthy indulgence I can't give up is...really good ice cream with rhubarb sauce.

I am listening to Brit-Marie Was Here. Very quirky but I love Fredrik B. Reading The Queen of the Night by Chee. Having a little trouble getting into it. Strange story. I finished Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleve. So much better than other WWII books I've read. Cleve is brilliant as usual.
Sherlock fanfic is just entertaining...who knew??
Outlander was so good. Jamie is quite a violent man but very sweet in comforting Claire. Lord Gray makes a youthful appearance. Also watching The Girlfriend Experience with Elvis's granddaughter.