Saturday, April 11, 2015

Staying inspired on the porch...

                           First child on the left is my mother Stephanie, her sister Helen is in the middle,
                            youngest brother, Frank on the right. A cousin recently shared pictures he had 
                             of our parents as children. I had not ever seen these pictures. I am fascinated by
                              pictures of my forbears.

     O mag questions from February 2012

1. I'm most creative...when I am inspired by nature. I am looking forward to spring for its rebirth. 
     Buds, flowers, rain drops to photograph.
2. If I were a color I would be...spring green. It is the color of new beginnings.
3. I often imagine myself...spending a day in my hammock in Isabella with a good book.
4. I really wish I knew how the piano or speak French or dance like those people on DWTS..
5. My secret talent is...I read three or four books simultaneously and keep them straight.


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