Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter's Eve on the porch, getting it together...

                          This picture from 1990 something, showcases our permanent waves. Pic#4

O questions from March 2015. 

1. The one thing I've tossed and never missed work clothes. I have retired and kept thinking I
     might need these clothes again some day. But the are gone and I am okay.
2. But I wish I could get Barbie dolls. They were given away when I left home and I have
     missed them ever since. Seriously, I have spent years replacing the dolls and clothes with vintage
      eBay purchases.
3. The one place in my life that's always messy side of the bed. Piles of books, magazines,
     yarn, my e reader and a lavender filled eye pillow take my messy nature to a new level.
4. I am most motivated to declutter when...never. I love my clutter. I love having my piles, see
     question  # 3. Once in a while, just before company is coming to visit, I am motivated to stuff all
      my lovely clutter under the bed, under the couch or into a closet.

I finished John Green's, Looking for Alaska. He sure knows how to make a reader feel the pain. I might be too old for his books. I'm half way through Written in my Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon...Outlander #8. The violence of the Revolutioary war is getting to me. But I still love Jamie and Claire. The second half of Outlander on Starz starts tonight! I can't wait. My favorite Gaelic words, Mo Nighean Don, my brown haired lass.


  1. #2, 3 & 4 highlight the fact that we are sisters, although my clutter is a bit different that yours!