Friday, April 10, 2015

Nostalgia on the porch...

 Pic#9 and #10- Jaja and Busia. My mother's parents. They met on a ship immigrating to America.
                                        I love these pictures of these very special people.

Blogging every day is not as easy as it looks...I missed yesterday. I will not give up!

O mag questions from October 2014 

1. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one...who is more comfortable with kids than other adults.
2. But at least I don't...wear mini skirts or bikinis. I do like the long blouses and patterned leggings they wear. I was at a wedding shower when my eight year old niece told me she loved my outfit!
3. My quirky side pays off one blinks an eye when I rode a camel at the fair this year. I have pictures to prove it.
4. Being normal is...just not an option for me. I grew up on a turkey farm. I have crazy red hair and was in Latin Club at school...


  1. You are doing pretty good with the posting every day! I always wondered why on earth you took Latin! Were you thinking of becoming a Dr.?