Friday, April 24, 2015

Bad Grandma...

Pic#23-Took the girls to MacD's after school. They had so much fun eating really fast food! V did dispose of some evidence in the trash before she went in th house. Her Dad said, "Thanks for the treat but the girls are Macwired for the night!"

Watched the movie her last night. It was good. About a lonely man in love with his OS... I liked the last words of his OS, Samantha, to him. Talking about love, she said, And now we know how.

Finished Still Alice by Lisa Genova. Really frightening book on early onset Alzheimers. I did not like her husband. I wanted more for her from him. He was only human, I guess...(Goodreads Winter/Summer Challenge)


  1. I am a bit hesitant to read Still Alice - I think I may wait for the movie on DVD. I am so afraid I'm going to see shades of myself in Alice... on a more upbeat note, every kid needs a Bad Grandma - moments like that one are what they'll remember about you!

    1. Still Alice really was hard to read. I have had more fun with my grands. They are so much fun!