Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday on the porch...

A flower child's place setting for Easter dinner at Gran and Papa's. My wedding china, my mother's wedding silverware, glassware, a gift from a high school friend. Chocolate bunnies and fudge eggs and peeps. Many family meals have been served in our home. I am thankful for every one I have had the pleasure to serve with love to my favorite people.

Filling in the blanks. O magazine contributor questions from April 2014.
1. The question people always ask me...What do you do with your time now that you are retired?
2. But I wish they'd ask me...What are you reading? You made that? Who took that photo? (Me)
3. The person I have a question for husband. I'd like to ask him...Do you know how much I 
     appreciate all the little, thoughtful things you do for me? 
4. The question I'd never ask anybody is...Have you been sick? It is the worst question. I feel great    
     but I look sick? Maybe I am sick but I don't know it. Do I need lipstick? Ugh!

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