Thursday, April 16, 2015

First birthday party of 2015...

I have known these women for over twenty years. My co-workers, my friends, my support group and 
my fellow retirees! The Clique Birthday Club. We meet every month. It is so much fun to 
get together with these girls. 

GH questions continued 
1. Etiquette Pet Peeve-someone texting while talking to me. No eye contact.
2. I will never care about-keeping my house picked up. So many other things, the book
I happen to be reading, come first.
3. The last thing I bought online-photo books I made for the girls to commemorate our family 
4. I Drive-A Canary Yellow Porche Boxter convertible. Ya, no. A Chevy Impala, light blue!
5. Good Habit-I am a walker.
6. Bad Habit-my couch.

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