Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tune in...

Aunt Joanie's cat, Moore. He loves her. He follows her every where. He is her companion. She feeds him very well. I have never seen a litter box so well cleaned or such a contented cat.

I only have twenty nine minutes left to post pic#7. I almost went to bed instead.

From O magazine June 2014

1. I recently upgraded...my tech. I now own an IPad Air. I am blogging on it. But the
     craziest thing is that my totally low tech hubby cannot put this thing down. I am
      wondering about him and Siri...
2. But I'll never change...my connection to all things home made, from scratch. I bake and cook
     fresh meals. I  crochet my wash clothes and hats and scarves.
3. When I need an attitude upgrade, I...listen to Sixties on Six. I know all the words. I still have the
     moves. And, yes, I was alive when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan!
4. I was inspired to improve my...fitness. This is not easy for me. I love to read, sew, crochet, iron.
     But my 76 year old super-neighbor has walked every day this winter, sub-zero temps, with my
      dog. So I am moving right along.



  1. I don't think having your neighbor walk your dog qualifies as fitness for you! Just sayin'!

    1. I count Temple Run 2 as part of my excersize routine!