Thursday, April 21, 2011

Twenty Questions...

I read an article in Oprah by Martha Beck called Twenty Questions to Ask Yourself...Some food for thought. So here goes, I am going to answer a few. Number nineteen really got me thinking. 19. Are my thoughts hurting or healing? Good question. I am struggling with my health now a bladder spasm thing related to menopause :( :( and a chronic cough that is disrupting my sleep and my life. I am very down. The mental story I am telling my self is miserable...not helping me get thru these tough days. So, hence , number 19, Beck suggests telling your self  a more positive and grateful story to increase happiness. Hmmm. Whatever your situation, choose thoughts that knit your heart together rather then tear it apart. My goal today is to think one grateful thought, think of something that makes me feel good (even though I am feeling very bad). Look up out of this funk place. My 60 thinking needs a kick out of the doldrums, too. Eight days til the big day, and I don't mean the royal wedding!

I am grateful for the care and patience my husband has shown to me during this awful time...
Filling Easter eggs to hide for the Grands who will be here in a few days makes me feel good.

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