Friday, April 22, 2011

Today show announces 7 days left in countdown...

In seven days I will be sixty...also The Royal Wedding will take there is a world wide countdown til my birthday. No forgetting this day for me!

Question # 8 What is my body telling me? (Martha says) The body is a wise capable creature, it recoils from what is bad for it and leans into what is good , let it...I keep telling myself I am healthy, I do enough...I can live on cake (cookies, ice cream, dessert) but my body is not agreeing. I have to force myself to get moving, joints are actually creaking, yoga, stretching and walking make me feel better, so why must I force myself to do these things. Much rather play computer games, read, crochet.  The cake, sugar thing is so hard for me. I am adding healthy grains, fruits and the dreaded vegetables to my diet but I am kicking and screaming. It is good for my body but has taken the pleasure, joy, out of eating. This stuff does not taste good. Flax and blackstrap molasses....But I have to admit my body is giving positive feedback.

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