Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sunrise service...

Picture-Day 5  With our Texans ready for Easter Sunday sunrise service. It was outside, timed perfectly with the sunrise. Simply beautiful.

I only have a few minutes to post this so I don't miss a day of pics. I subbed today at the L.C. A swim day. Totally fagged. I could not move when I got home. Aerobics with under water weights. The students are better at it than I am...I will avoid Thursday from now on.

Researching new camera for my 65th birthday gift. I have been saving for it but my dear old hubby wants me to have it for the big day. He somehow always picks up on the gift I really want. Canon 70d is my choice so far.

Watched the final episode of American Idol tonight.


  1. Oh, nice a new camera! I know you have a big investment in your camera lenses, so staying in the Canon family is a good idea. Hopefully, you will be able to use them on your new camera.

  2. BTW, a nice looking bunch of Texans!