Monday, April 11, 2016

no book on the porch...

Picture Day 7 Texas Talent Show  My Texas grand girl sang in her school talent show this week.

I am without a book!! Started M Train but not getting into it...Watching a documentary on Jackie Robinson, the first black baseball player. This is horrifying. What that man had to suffer to break into sports. The profound discrimination is heartbreaking. 

I  subbed three days last week and now two and a half days this week. This is not easy. How did I ever do this every day?


  1. She looks adorable! What did she sing? I feel the same way about my old work schedule. I did it for 40 years though! My kids even ask how I did all that I did plus take care of them, the house etc.!

  2. I think youth had a lot to do with it. Also the pressure of deadlines, etc. I have slowed down a you girls.