Monday, April 18, 2016

Poor, Lonesome Me-e...

Picture Day 8 This is one of my favorite pics of the year. We waited for the kids to get off the bus after school in Florida. Papa would be outside working on his truck. Azalea sat on the tailgate to share anything she had left in her lunch bucket with Papa. When he asked her if she wanted to go inside she said, "Why don't we just sit here and enjoy the weather."

This is also why I am so lonesome on my porch. Looking back over all my pictures from the last couple of months has really made me miss being with the girls and their families.

I am on a reading drought. Not finishing M Train. It is going to expire on the library app...
I have been watching Sherlock on Netflix. So good. I don't like the narrator of The Beast so it is ruining the book for me. He is so monotone. I have only read J.R. Ward and had fun with these "guilty pleasure" reads so very disappointed with the audio book. Some readers are so amazing and then there are the readers who don't have the voice of the story.

Oh, God!!! This month is flying by. I will turn 65 soon. It feels like sliding down the park hill. No stopping on this slippery slope.


  1. Papa looks a little goofy (but then, he always does!) but Azalea is adorable. So glad we got to see them at Christmas!

  2. So true!! They hope to be here for summer camp out!