Thursday, April 28, 2016

I can't keep calm and carry on, it is my birthday week...

Picture 11-Flamingo, Melbourne Zoo

Once again, I will post my 11th photo, should be my 27th photo, as soon as I can. I am so far behind on my 30 pics in 30 days. My age, maybe.

I finished watching the third season of Sherlock tonight. Season four won't be out until January 2017.
Really great show.  I listened to The Lake House for many hours today while I did some perfunctory house cleaning. The only kind of H.W. I do any more. So English. The narrator is so good. I am neglecting The Nightingale. If it expires (library) I won't be able to check it out again for a while.

This week is going by way to fast. Friday is the dark day. A great cupcake could redeem the day. Maybe. I am missing my kids and their kids so much.


  1. I am sure you are missing your kiddos after having 2 of them living close to you for such a long time. I went to GR on Tuesday to look at Alyssa's new apartment with her roomates' moms. Alyssa couldn't come because she had school, but we had to go to select the apartment and pay the holding fees. I am having a hard time with the fact that she is not going to living at home in the fall. I am afraid that the summer is going to go by too fast! She is going to be 20 in May -- I cannot believe it!

  2. Ahhhh! I mean it will be fine! Wait, what? Get a cupcake at a fancy cupcake store!