Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Snow day on the porch...

Picture-Day 4  After two months in the sun it is snowing on the porch. It started last night at 11 p.m.
and has not stopped. I was scheduled to substitute at my former school today but the snow closed all schools in the area.

I started M Train by Patti Smith. She captured my attention on on the first page. Her writing is so intimate. I feel like I am experiencing her life. I loved Just Kids so am looking forward to this book.

I am so excited about the second season of Outlander on Starz. It is all I can do to wait without freakin' out! Saturday April 9th at 9pm. Mix me up a Rusty Nail.


  1. We had snow earlier this week too, but not like yours. It stuck for a day or two, but since this is Spring Break, it did not have any impact on the schools. Hannah is in Florida right now with her best friend's family. She is having a lot of fun. Alyssa is working and still has school, so she is home with me!

  2. Your girls are getting so grown up! I need a coffee from Tim Horton's...more snow on the way! We came back too soon, I think.