Thursday, May 5, 2011

60 and counting on the porch...

I did it. I not only survived the big day but I enjoyed it! My sixtieth birthday far surpassed my expectations. My dear old husband (Sentimental Old You) decorated, made breakfast and my fav, coffee. My first gift, I was expecting this, a 100mm Canon macro lens. But then a surprise a low rise, old lady bike. I love it.
We packed up and traveled to T.C. to my oldest daughters home. On the way lunch at Cut River Inn. My favorite White Fish Chowder and grilled White Fish fresh from Lake Michigan. Oh, and it just gets better from here. My youngest daughter from MQT meets us in T.C. with her family(5 kids, 6 hour drive) her hubby has to fly out to take his boards on Monday . Seven of my Grands greet me with love and excitement. Gifts and a Moomers Black Cherry ice cream chocolate cake sent from my Texas family. T.C. daughter had a lime green feather boa and a  beautiful tiara for me to wear. So diversion complete I go to bed thinking what a lovely family birthday I had!

Unsuspecting I go out to breakfast (Cracker Barrell)with my hubby and then he tells me to take my time at Borders and buy a book of my choice?? Hmmm?
Back to my daughter's and there are cars lining the long driveway...tears of disbelief. I know these cars. My brothers sisters and their children whom I never get to see enough of. Once or twice a year at best. I walk down to the beautfully decorated back yard...Surprise!! My 80 year old Uncle drove from G.R. My niece & family (red heads like me) from Grand Ledge (three hour drive each way)! My sister from Detroit made a Barbie cake!! Her wonderful young daughters. My beautiful slightly older sister & husband from Midland kept the secret. My brother with the garden (he reminds me of all the good things about my Dad) and his wife who is more sister than in-law from my old home town. My baby brother, his amazing daughter (we share camera art love) and his wife who also is more sister than in-law from Sparta. Two friends of my T.C. family whom I love as if they were my own gave me their day for my birthday! My Texas bunch was with us in our hearts and on the phone. My Sis & Bro from Idaho sent me a basket to rejuvenate me! Arizona Sis sent beautiful e-wishes.
The Grands dressed up and decorated and passed around a little heart shaped book for everyone to write in. A tower of tiny Cupcake Wars cakes and my mother's recipe potato salad and grilled hamburgers & gourmet hotdogs with all the trimmings for lunch. My son-in-law (grill chef) touched my heart when after I thanked him for opening up his home said "I owe you 599 more days like this."

I am so thankful for the love and  the gifts of time and effort given by my wonderful family to make a day I was dreading (first day of old age) a shining memory. Sixty is not the new forty but it is an amazing number!

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  1. Some Day, when I grow up, I want to be like you. Let me rephrase...some day, I want to be like you. We love you Tillie!