Thursday, May 19, 2011

It is warm on the porch...

It is a beautiful sunny afternoon on the porch. I swept and weeded and put the cushions on the very old wicker settee. Painting the ceiling yellow is still on my to do list. I need red geraniums, lots of them for my porch pots. I subbed today at the L.C. So much fun being with those special students.

Question #7. Are {the virtue squad }better people? You can substitute the group that makes you feel the worst about yourself, the group you will never have the discipline to join. Weight Watchers, can't do it. YMCA, I have paid and not gone back after the first class (more than once). Yoga, bought all the stuff...I look so cute in it...I can't go for more than two classes. I am not a group person, not a joiner but I do good things on my own. For myself and for other people. So my answer to #7 is no.

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