Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dog days of summer on the porch...

It is August on my porch but it is not hot or sunny.
I have been reading a lot. I just finished Inferno by Dan Brown. I really love his attention to detail. His descriptions of the art and architecture and Florence and Venice make me want to take a guided tour of Europe! I'm working on Henry Fry. Yes, this is a book that is hard to read but I think I need to finish it. Also Shiver. Just for fluff. I will not read the rest of the trilogy, though.
I love walking by a house down the street just to see the progress a 70 year old woman is making stripping the paint off her very old porch. I always say hi and compliment her hard work. I left her a book by an English author. I hope she likes it.
Izzy, the dog, goes to the beach every day with my 74 year old neighbor and her dog. Lucky dog...