Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Paragraph...

First Chapter  First Paragraph

The Last Supper Catering Company by Michaelene Mc Elroy


My Momma died on a hot August afternoon in 1950, right before I was born. My Grandma, Little G, was out picking blackberries for pie making and my momma-to-be was out hanging sheets on the line, when Little G heard a scream from across the yard. She looked up from her bucket of berries just in time to watch Momma begin a lazy fall, as if overcome by some long held tiredness. The wooden clothespins flew from Momma's hands, snapping at the air on the way down, looking for something to hold onto. Momma was dead by the time she hit the ground, her head resting on the damp pillowcase in her hand, her why questioning eyes looking up to God.

I picked this book because I loved the cover pictures but the first paragraph hooked me. I almost could not stop reading long enough to finish this post!

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