Sunday, March 14, 2010

New baby keeps me away from my porch...

My daughter gave birth to her third daughter on March 10, 2010. I had the privilege of being with her at the birth. I cut the cord! The birth was so natural and happy. No bright lights or sterile drapes...she made it so relaxed and stayed cool and collected. My 10th grandchild is a beautful little miracle. So there are perks to this aging thing!! Grandchildren are so wonderful. I took care of the other four kids for the rest of the week. Wow, being a Granny is much easier than being a Mom. The love I get from these kids is just what I need. Funny things they say crack me up,like "Will the baby be brown or white?" "or swirl, like an ice cream cone?" When all four were sitting on the couch the four year old said "Look, a pattern, brown, white, brown, white." (Two of the kids are from Haiti) Welcome to the world, baby girl!!

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