Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm on the porch...

I keep reading about decluttering your space. I got a good start today. There are so many places in this old house to stuff things. Under eaves, behind staircases, behind the closet in the bathroom, stuffed. I tackled a closet today that has not been touched in at least 20 years. I found things I had forgotten I ever had. My oldest daughter's baby clothes and H.S. prom dresses...she is 40. I'm sending them to her to stuff into her closets! So much junk,too. I sorted and tossed old bills, greeting cards and letters. Do people still write letters? Some things brought back memories of days long gone. My baby curls, my 1st Communion veil and my H.S. art work. I am so tired, decluttering is a lot of work.

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