Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pictures from FL and TX...

                                "Sister" as her flag football team calls her on the field and off

                                      Double- nickle, my 13 year old 7th grade football boy
                        "42" on the field and with Papa, Freshman football, "Just doing his job"

                                                            Beach girls, sisters

                                          Pepper palm, leaves are razor sharp, skate boarder
 Bamboo is so exotic

Will I ever stop calling her the "Baby"

Finishing my two book challenges, at least I am working on them. I was not going to save all the hardest books for last but I have...again. I am trying to slog through The Origin of Species by Darwin for my non-fiction science. The Danish Girl for a book about a person who identifies as transgender. I have read The Catcher in Rye for a book published the year I was born, if I don't finish Farenheit 451 can do double duty. Book by a Southeast Asian author. I can do this Read Harder. Also working on Pop Sugar challenge. A self- improvement book. What's to improve? Not my genre! Teacher Man by Frank McCourt for a book about a person in my profession. A book by a comedian?? I am almost there.


  1. Very nice photos of the grands, but where are the other 2? Quite an impressive reading list too.

  2. It took me a while to figure out which two were missing!