Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Seven days out...

Should be back on my porch in seven days. I will be happy to be home in da U.P.
Texas and Florida family visits have been so good for my lonely heart. Football games including Flag football with Kendall being one of only two girls in the league. Her coach and team mates call her Sister!  Fall festival in Florida at Haven's beachy school. Soccer and a dance on Thursday. The very most special moments for me are the times I sit with individual grands and they tell me about friends, school and current music they love.
On October 28 a phone call plunged us,  like a Lake Superior jump, into mortality and all its ramifications. Ivan's dear friend, Pat, died while driving to his grandson's football game. No warning, no goodbye. At least 60 years of constant friendship. They spoke on the phone every day. Pat sat with Ivan the entire night Len, his brother died of ALS. He was Ivan's rock during the most difficult times of his life. They went to hundreds of high school basketball and Football games. Godfather to our youngest daughter along with his wife. Truly friend family. RIP, Pat.
We flew home for a week to be with his friends and family.

Reading with the tweens. Animal Farm, The Outsiders, they are all so passionate about this book.
Not My Father's Son by Alan Cumming, A Visit From the Goon Squad. Very good! I bought Gatsby, The Things They Carried, Vinegar Girl and a few more books at The Melbourne Beach Library fundraiser.


  1. What a time you have had. I know it has been emotional on all fronts. Glad you will be back home and on your porch soon.