Friday, May 21, 2010

Wine and whining on the porch...

I could have used a good glass of wine and a good whine today. I am feeling low and a little lonely and kind of old as in worn or faded. I really try to respect other people's (hubby, brother, friend) views, opinions and politics even though I know how wrong they are...I do most of the time. It wears on me some days though, not to give 'em the old what for. I have more often just told people how I feel then keep to does ruffle feathers.
It is not important at all to me for my home to be perfectly in order. I would rather play(edit) with my pictures or my camera or read or...But it is so important to my husband of 40 years. Sometimes I think I am so messy just to make him crazy for fun and he is so neat just because he knows it makes me so nuts to pick up all the time. I need some messy time.
I was surfing last night, late, and my sister,P, IM ed me!! First time ever! We are so far apart geographically and in life points but so alike I can't believe it. We are in parallel universes behaving in the same way!! Staying up too late , dropping cakes etc. There I've had my whine and my wine!

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