Monday, May 24, 2010

Lake Superior

Four of our grandkids ran into the 40 degree water so Granny could take a picture!! Lake Superior doesn't warm up even though it was 97 degrees because of an unusual May south wind. Last week they were catching snowflakes . One of the girls asked me, "How close to ninety are you, Gran?" I am "only" fifty-nine so I wanted to know if I looked like ninety? She said no she was just hoping it was a long time yet before her Gran turned 90!
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  1. Brave grandchildren you have there lol... How long did they actually stay in the water??

    *and I had a nice surprise this year when my birthday arrived. I thought that I was already 58 and turning 59. I seems that I was jumping the gun a little bit. I have an entire year ahead of me to enjoy being 58... again! I stayed at 29 for years until the kids caught on and then sort of forgot about it after that. This was a pleasant surprise!

  2. So cute!! Good thing our ages don't go up as quickly as the temperatures do this time of year...

    You just got another One-Minute Writing of the Day award. Congrats!