Sunday, January 7, 2018

Looking forward to reading on the porch in 2018..:

Looking over book challenges for the upcoming year I simply must get a few things off my chest. A few books, I guess.
I do not like or read self help books. No true crime. I’m not in love with murder mysteries. I am done with WWII. You have to admit WWII was very popular in 2017. So hopeless. The outcome is always the same. Politics, ugh, just ugh. I have yet to read a zombie apocalypse book. No mindless drivel, either.
 I am consciously choosing to read more books by women, people of color and different ethnicities than my own. I am choosing authentic voices. I have to work at not choosing vampires. Wait, what? (Nobody is perfect) Classics, memoirs, National Book Award winners, Pulitzer’s. I want to read all the good books. (Thoreau)
Last year was a good year for reading. Sing, Unburied, Sing. The Hate U Give.
But the  Princess Bride, ugh.
I am off to a good start. When Breath Becomes Air is very good. I did not want to read it because DEATH but it is brilliant. Rereading Oscar Wao. I hope I get over my fan fiction addiction.
No movies this week. Ice skating qualifiers for the olympics are fun to watch. I love French pair skaters Vanessa James/ Morgan Cipres.
There I feel better now.

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  1. Ambitious list, but you can do it! We went to the movies while Alyssa was home. "The Greatest Showman". It was very good. Hannah loved it and now is playing the music from it all the time. Some very good songs. She doesn't usually like musicals that well, but she is coming around due to the live action Disney movies and this one. Working feverishly on getting the doll room and basement organized as Hannah has plans for the recreation area!