Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Photo favorites from 2015...

Cousin Hug


Dolphin girl

Mommy love

Hangin' Out

Performance Zen

 Social Print Studio inspired me to look back over the last year to pick my favorite photo I shot in 2015. I'll tell why I chose the pic and how I got the perfect shot. 
First, I must say this was not an easy choice. I have been going over my photos from this year, so many I loved. Most of my subjects are my ten grandchildren. Their energy and enthusiasm fascinate me. I like candid shots. No setup. I take hundreds of photos to find the gem. The perfect capture. The "why" for my favorite photo of 2015 is the love I see shining through the photo.

Drumroll please! I choose Cousin Hug for 2015!

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  1. Hello from Spain: lovely pics. Keep in touch

  2. my favorite as well! I love the colors, even the gray background. the skin on the taller cousin looks almost like it's been done in paint. very sweet subject. nice work! ps: I do the same thing - 50+ shots to get one good one! :-)

  3. That makes me feel better. I love your photos. Views of home...