Saturday, August 8, 2015

Back on the old front porch...

I took so many pictures of the grands in June and July. They stayed with us from June 13 until July 31st. It was a time of swimming, acrobatics, football, ten cousin birthday party and site seeing, U.P. style. Lots of good food and deserts (banana cake and Blue Moon ice cream). My daughter and neighbor for three years moved to south Florida on August 1st. My youngest girl moved to Florida last November. Bittersweet for me. My girls and their families are all living down south. My hubby drove a moving van and I flew with the kids down to help them get settled. I'm gonna miss them...

I am reading Lovers at the Chameleon Club. It is well written, intriguing but without a single character I can warm up to. The artists are so self centered. The patrons so needy. The poor people so, well, so poor.
I am listening to Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. It is an entertaining listen. The readers are so good. the story is a little fractured though...
My summer movies have been animated. Inside Out, twice, I cried. Minions, I did not cry. One grown up movie The Second Best Marigold Hotel, not quite as good as the "Best" but I loved it anyway.

Lost an old friend this summer to Alzhiemers. I had no idea it could be so devastating a disease. Having had no experience with it at all. She was 68. Mortality bites.

I feel like I have caught up a little. I hope to write more often. I want to post pics and keep up on the books I am reading.


  1. Great pics of the grands. Hannah says she is going to miss Violet too. We missed you at the family gathering in July.

    1. We missed you all,too. We were watching kids and helping pack up the Hawns. I am not adjusting well to my girls all living down south. Miss the action...