Monday, December 3, 2012

The good old days...

Family of ten
The eight of us

Tinsel town 
My favorite family picture...

These were the good old days.
I still remember how it felt to be a part of a big family. To be so excited with the magic of Christmas. Decorating our tree, baking candy cane cookies and banana bread. Eating our Polish Christmas Eve dinner of pierogi in melted butter. I can remember trying to stay awake so I could see Santa...


  1. Gracie, these Christmas photos from years past are just so awesome. I don't have any like this from when I was young. Your childhood must have left you with many beautiful memories.

    1. I do and I try to give our girls and the grand kids fun memories of our very busy Christmas holidays. Thanks for visiting the porch! I wish you wonderful holidays with your new grand daughter!!

  2. These pics are precious! So fun to see y'all when you were little! :)