Saturday, September 22, 2012

A long walk from the porch...

Apple pie I  baked from very tart apples picked from a rustic tree at camp. I have had to shoo deer away so I can have a few apples for my couple of pies I bake each fall. This pie was so delicious!

So, today I did a 5K! I have always wanted to blog that! I did come in last. I walked more than I ran but I did it.  My family cheered at the finish as I crossed. My daughter had to backtrack to make sure I was still on the trail and stayed with me till the end. Fun and the best bagels fruit and ice water ever!! 
So I really needed a rest after my walk for a cause. I turned on the Hallmark channel and watched "A Smile as Big as the Moon. " It was so incredible. True story about a special ed class who went to space camp! Reminded me so much of my students over the years. The obstacles these kids had to overcome because of their differences, especially the name calling  and taunting by other students made me wish every kid would watch this movie. Inspirational...


  1. This looks so yummy. The crust seems perfect as well. I need to start making apple pie soon.

    1. I only make pie when I get tart apples at camp from an old tree out there. It always tastes so good!!

  2. I just had to add the t-shirts for the race said,
    " Please pick me up and drag me across the finish line."