Wednesday, May 30, 2012

War Horse...

I watched War Horse last night. I was so moved by this movie. The courage of Albie and Joey was inspiring. But the WWI experience hurt my heart. The scene where the men on horses with swords faced gatling guns ws awful. The experience of war was heart wrenching. How can war happen? It made me wonder what my late father's experience was like during his time on a navy destroyer during WWII. I never thought about this when I was a kid. What was it like to be him? I never had time to ask. Spielberg sure makes you feel his movies.

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  1. We so loved War Horse! You just reminded me that I want to watch it again.

    BTW..I haven't read Under the Dome Yet, but plan to -- I have it. I'm doubting it can be creepier than The Stand which I'm reading now LOL