Monday, May 21, 2012

Old dog on the old porch...

Gracie, our 15 going  on 16 year old Lab had a rough weekend. She hurt her foot somehow and barely moved all weekend. My hubby and I had to carry her outside. She is failing slowly but inevitably. Her devotion to us is something I can't imagine  being without. Tonight she was all comfy on her memory foam bed downstairs when she decided she had to be upstairs with Papa. She dragged herself to the bottom of the stairs and waited til he helped her up all 26 stairs. 
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  1. Just found your blog through a writing prompt. My 7+ year old dog was suddenly limping this morning, and the last three years of my dog before her, who died at 16, came flooding back. I'm hoping it's nothing serious, but then I came across your writing for: "What are you doing right now?" and my heart ached for you (and indirectly for me). I offer no comfort and no advice. We humans deal with this sort of thing however we can. Just the way it is. Well, maybe one tiny bit of indirect advice. I think I was mourning my last dog before he died, and in fact, while I was doing that, he was adapting to the changes and getting on with his life. Anyhow, hugs and thanks. Your writing was straight from the heart and poignant.

    1. Thank you for your comments. You made me think I should enjoy the days my dear old dog has left and save the mourning til later...