Monday, April 9, 2012

Where am I....

Let's see...three weeks traveling to Florida with a daughter and family. A week with two year old granddaughter and today I pack for a two week visit to a daughter in Texas. Easter and a day of subbing also fit in. Life is good. I finished Stephen King's Under the Dome (big, big book). It was awful...but I could not put it down and I lost much sleep over it. New book club book for April  The Hunger Games part one. I have not started it yet but am looking forward. I so enjoyed our (book club's) online discussion.
 My to do list is so long for April and May. I do not know where to start. My first post, when was that? I had "paint porch ceiling" at the top of my to do and it is still not crossed off. Another thing on April's to do "turn 61" I know I'll get that thing done. Time marches on! Year 60 has gone by in a blur...and I did not think I would survive but I did.

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  1. Enjoy The Hunger Games, Tillie! I loved the whole series! Bob and I went to see the movie last week in Downtown Disney. I liked the book much better. Safe travels to Texas! :)