Friday, February 24, 2012

We are the Aman Girls...

Book Club News! Yeah...great response to my wacky (yes, in my world forming a book club is wacky)(oh,and yes, I got the term wacky from Stef) idea. I'm sending you all a link to my blog so you can all comment after reading the chosen book on March 30th. Any comments, e-mails etc are welcome any time. Let me know any books you all are interested in reading. I'll have a book by the end of the week. Hannah, if you see this do not throw out the "fascinator" I wore at aman Christmas. Save it for me! Love to you all from my old, very cold front porch!
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  1. Hi, this is sister P! I vote for My Sister's Keeper. I actually have that book and haven't read it yet, so this would give me that opportunity. I will warn you, though, I saw the movie and it is a tearjerker!

    Sister P

  2. BTW, Love the hat! So does Hannah!