Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where have I been???

I have been so busy...but that is no excuse for not writing on my porch. I hope I get back to it. I have just, with my other half (really, somehow, I am half of a whole) painted my bedroom, changed up the decor and painted my dinette. Done some cleaning, tried to throw some stuff out, organized a couple of drawers. I do not like to do housework. I was so glad that I worked for those 21 years just so I had an excuse not to keep up the house. The hardest part of this retirement adventure is that I have no excuse for not doing things I never wanted to cleaning and organizing. I could live in a one room house with no storage. My dream house has always been a converted old barn...who knew? Another thing about those working years of mine, it forced me to be social, now nothing pushes me to be social. I think I better work at  socializing...I could hibernate in my one room barn with good books, camera, some paint and canvas, my laptop, flannel pjs, an occasional movie...

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  1. Before retirement, I promised myself I'd do a whole bunch of projects "once I retired." My intentions were great. Once retired, however, that old devil, procrastination, set back in. Bill