Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sarah's pics from the porch...

Sisters, Hannah and Alyssa



Vi and Iris

Haven, Lauren and Hannah 

Waiting to open

Funny baby-mama


Twister game-hand made

people and paper


Big kids

All of us on the porch

piano players

The new kid with Daddy and Kenny-Bell


Me,in the kitchen



Dave and Christine from B.C.
Oh, we had fun.
It was my turn to host the Aman family Christmas this year. My daughter Cammy, her husband, Steve and family welcomed us into their Lakeshore home in da U.P. I made my "almost famous" marinara sauce, lots of it, and a parmesean cheese sauce. Ivan cooked two turkeys just to snack on! Yummy. There are 45 of us, including in-laws, and 40 of us attended  A Yooper Christmas. We met seven week old Jaxon, the new kid. Games, Tenzy and a funny gift exchange, were played. Many of us sledded on the park hill right off the porch. Joe, Alice and Sarah handcrafted Twister games. I made my traditional family calender with at least one missing birthday just like I do every year! There were special cookies and snacks, cheesecake and candies. Jeanne Ray's peanut butter fudge. Aunt Joanie, Ivan's sister, buttered our bread and helped keep food flowing.
I love you all. I thank you for making the effort to trek to da U.P. to be together. 

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