Monday, November 4, 2013


I just read a post about the day the blogger met his wife. I liked his story. So here is mine.

I was working in Bay City MI at Ritchie's Drive Inn. I met some girls from the Upper Peninsula. We became good friends. So when one of the girls got married I traveled to the wedding up north. My girl friend introduced me to a boy named Ivan. He was so funny in an arrogant " I know I am so cute" sort of way. He pursued me all night at the reception. I was quite stand offish. He was so sure he would make a conquest! At the end of the night he gave me a kiss, knocked out my contact lens and told me he was going to marry me! I did not ever expect to see him again...
He called me every day until I finally agreed to meet him in Kalamazoo for a date. The rest, as they say is history! August 30, 1968 our meet-aversary!

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