Wednesday, October 9, 2013

If you wish to see a beautiful peninsula...

Look around you. Some days the beauty of this peninsula is breathtaking. The smell on the breeze. Clean and crisp. The crunch of leaved under my feet. The view
of the Dead River falls my son-in-law took.
Breathing in the fall on my porch. Gazing into the weak sun to soak up some rays. Vitamin D will be in short supply soon.

I am listening to Hillary Mantel's Wolf Hall.  Mesmerizing. I am feeling sympathy for Thomas Cromwell! It is the kind of book that stops me in my tracks.

Birthday lunch with the Clique from work. One girl retires this year. Two people have a few years to go but the rest of us have been retired for years. I enjoy these people so much. Fun and laughter.

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  1. This is so pretty. All of our leaves are gone but the pine needles continue to fall:)