Saturday, May 18, 2013

Up all night on the porch...

I started The Silver Lining's Playbook by Matthew Quick  and could not stop reading. Powerful writing that punched me in the gut. I felt what this man felt. It really hurt. Thank God for silver linings...

I am in the spare room bed with my two giggly youngest of the grand girls. They are sleeping head to toe. All night they laughed at eachother. The six year old would cross her eyes to make the three year giggle. The baby kept saying "Hide, a bugler is coming" so  they could dive under the covers in giggly fear. Life is good for this grandmother...


  1. Loved the movie and purchased the eBook (but haven't read it yet). Glad it was addictive.

    1. I have not seen the movie but it is on my list. I rarely watch a movie but this book was so touching I want to see how it does on the big screen.